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The Unicorn Effect, LLC. (TUE) was created by Rain Chapman (The Black Unicorn) on October 30 2018 to give people a different perspective on how they think and look at everyday life and the little pleasures that life brings. Our name tells more than just what we do, but who we are, a rarity bringing magic to whom or whatever we touch.
TUE started as just a business that specialized in dinner parties, catering and sweet treats, Owner Rain felt that with her talents she could offer and do more. TUE is more than just a business, but a brand that offers an array of services from Event Planning to Catering, Meal Preparations to Dinner Parties, and an array of products that cover skin care to selfcare. The brand represents self-love and happiness inside and out, enjoyment of life

My Story


“when you think of Unicorns you think of magic and happiness.”

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